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The statement given by Jarosław Kaczyński on 27 October was his  evident declaration of full of frustration hatred towards his own country and its people. The man who perceives his fellow countrymen as a threat to his own anachronistic and off base reality visions. The man, whose almost every  activity, every conscious fueling of the conflict and provoking historically well-rooted resentments forms the biggest, for the last decades, threat to the enlightened and civil society. To the co-habitation  of people with different points of view in one country.

With full responsibility, we refer today to the words of our Patron, that were published on 22 October 2007. These words sum up his experience of PiS government times from 2005 and 2007.  Władysław Bartoszewski by his words contributed then to the mobilisation of the civil society, which led to the PiS defeat in the next parliamentary elections.

There are limits to silence. There are situations, when you can’t remain silent. The situation in our country during the rule of Kaczyński brothers was getting worse every day. The political faithlessness became the norm. The vision of building of a better Poland, in which millions of Poles trusted, turned out to be one big fraud. That is why I decided to call things by their name.

(“Dziennik”,  22.10.2007)

Today we have to call things by their name as well. Jarosław Kaczyński once again devastated Polish society, but this time on a much bigger scale. He caused conflicts and divisions. It will take a lot of common effort to overcome them. He made Polish State become, again, the torturer and tormentor of Polish citizens. Kaczyński led, in the name of his own delusions, to the growing, cynical trample over basic rights of Polish men and women. He made Polish church almost a party annex, while it should be a common home for millions of believers. The church, willing to be perceived as a moral authority, is now unable to settle his accounts with his own worshippers. Finally, Jarosław Kaczyński has driven Poland from being a symbol of solidarity, fight for civil liberties and a progressive, European state, to a laughing stock, scrapyard of homophobia, misogyny and backwardness.

Shame on him!

Today we protest or fight, not only in defence of women, traditional victims of cynical fundamentalists and mendacious moralizers. We protest against Poland as it is now.

One of the biggest threats to the co-habitation of the people is indifference and opportunism. They are often worse then the evil itself. They are the source of evil. Władysław Bartoszewski

(“Wer  ein Leben rettet, rettet die ganze Welt”, 1986, translation M. Barcz)

We will not follow those, who say,  that we have no moral right to refer to these words in recent situation. We have the moral right, as we are not indifferent. One should be ashamed to remain indifferent in todays world.

Some would say, that we need to distance ourselves from the current situation and say nothing. If they lived in Germany in the thirties, then their silence would not be the expression of wisdom  but the silent majority acceptance of  the evil, started by the fanatic minority. Then the crime arouse from the silence of the clever people. That is why we do not intend to remain silent.

Our appeal is to pursue Jarosław Kaczyński to be ousted from power. He should be protected from his own imagination and not allowed any impact on public life. It is up to us to oust from power surrounding him opportunists and party members, for whom  politics became the method of realization of their own self-interests. May the democratic elections be such a possibility. The stake now should be pretty obvious even to the people, who, in the previous elections, did not feel that their rights and freedom were affected enough to speak up. Until then, let us not cease to demonstrate and protest. Let’s condemn every degeneration of the ruling, every attempt to destroy common civic society. In civic society, in Polish women and men we trust and hope not for the return to what was before, but for the creation of the new common country, enabling all of us to live according to their beliefs and values.



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